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Cultural & Historical Expeditions


Due to its colorful Tanzania has many cultural attractions that has never fail to impress. Discover and experience culture variations ranging from farming, hunting, gathering and pastoralist in Tanzanian societies, hark the inherited music and dances, enjoy local cuisines, Visit to traditional healers and many other cultural shared activities with the local people.

Happy world safaris offer cultural tours in optional of half day tour to 5/6 day tour to cultural areas within or around Arusha region. Visit Mulala, Mkuru, Longido, Engaruka, Babati, Hanang, Monduli juu (found within Arusha region), Marangu, Mamba, Rombo and Machame (found in Kilimanjaro region neighbouring Arusha region) where cultural tourism is highly promoted and recommended.


From the ancient past Tanzania has preserve its historical attraction which can be visited today, Tanzania has many historical sites ranging from Museums where different past things are preserved, streets which still presents the history, establishments of the past, ancient rock paintings and other archeological sites. Visit Museums in Tanzania which are made up of:

Village Museum-Dar es salaam where you will discover the fascinating culture and traditional of Tanzanian's many and varied ethnic groups.

Arusha declaration Museum where you will find different documents that describes on the manifesto of socialist ideology "Ujamaa" in February 5, 1967.

Arusha Museum where you will find the original history of fossils including of birds, wildlife animals and ancient man

Mwalimu Nyerere Museum located in Butiama in Mara region, where you will observe the history of the late Mwl. Julius Kambarage Nyerere who is regarded as the founder of the nation and one of the world greatest thinkers. Mwl. J. K. Nyerere was born and buried in Butiama.


The Swahili coast and Islands are rich in archeological sites of which many ruins from the Middle Ages.

Visit the Olduvai Gorge where it lies "Cradle of Mankind" under the direction of the late prehistorian Louis Leakey the Gorge has yielded abundant fossil material dating back at least two million years and possibly much longer. In 1959 the remains of the Nutcracker Man or "Zinjathropus boisei" was discovered here. Nearby is Laetoli, where Mary Leakey discovered the footprint of hominids in 1979. Around these sites of man's origin teem millions of wild animals.

Rock painting. A detailed record of Stone Age life exists on the wall of many caves and sheltered overhangs in Tanzania. The paintings that survive are extremely beautiful and delicate. The colouring materials consist of various pigments mixed with animal fat to form crayons. Visit Kondoa Irangi the most famous and extensive painting site.

Other historical sites that can be visited are Amboni rocks in Tanga region, Isimila in Iringa region, Kilwa in coastal region and Ujiji in Tabora (slavery trade towns).